Welcome to Mills K9 Shepherds! We are here to make sure you get a Healthy and loving German Shepherd Puppy for your family.

The German Shepherd is probably the only breed that can truly be said to have been designed for loyalty, strength, agility, stability and flexibility.
Backyard breeding has damaged the breed to some degree and so it is important to check the pedigree of the dog you acquire ,
the breeder must be proper, a good breeder will sell with KCI papers (birth certificate of the puppy and has the list of ancestors).

Our German Shepherd Puppies have gone through the basic trainings and are up to date with vaccines contact millsk9shepherds.com for more info

Some beneficial characteristics of the German Shepherd is that they are NOT naturally aggressive. They have excellent stable temperaments and respond brilliantly to training in almost every area. German Shepherds also have a double coat and can handle quite extreme variations in temperature.

  • We make an attempt to teach Dog Breeders on breeding standards and therefore the importance of selling only healthy puppies with good genetics.
  • We encourage people to think about adoption if they’re experienced and have the means to worry for an adopted or rescued dog. For more information on adopting a dog, you’ll visit an area Shelter or Rescue.
    We make it well-known to all or any of our breeders that we stand firmly against the mistreatment of animals and can not tolerate any such practice.
  • We strive to create personal relationships with breeders so we will become conversant in their breeding practices.

At Mills K9 Shepherds Puppies, we understand the items that you simply are trying to find during a companion. We understand the importance of getting your new loved one come to you a healthy, happy puppy with good genetics. There are variety of things that we do to assure that your experience with us may be a positive one.

  • Every puppy purchasable sold in Pennsylvania carries a minimum of a 30-day health guarantee provided by the breeder. Each State has their guidelines, and that we expect breeders to follow them. For an inventory of the laws protecting people buying a puppy state by state, click here.
  • We request all breeders keep their puppies up so far on all vaccinations and de-wormer.
  • We recommend that each one breeders have their puppies vet checked.

All folks here at Mills K9 Shepherds Puppies have the well being of the puppies in mind first and foremost. We recommend that each person visits the breeder directly and determine for yourself how they’re raising their puppies. within the event you are feeling uncomfortable with anything you experience, we request that you simply contact us directly so we will check out things .

The adoption of a puppy may be a big commitment. As a prospective dog owner, we propose that you simply thoroughly research the breeds you’re curious about . By doing this stuff , you’re ensuring that the puppy you select may be a good fit your family.

We also invite any feedback you’ll have for us. be happy to email us at info@millsk9shepherds.com or use our contact form with any questions.